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I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication with an emphasis in Visual Media and special clusters in Spanish and Business Management. I ¬†graduated in July 2013 from Brigham Young University Idaho with editorial journalism, photography, video editing, graphic design, and conflict management skills. I speaks Spanish and English fluently, and I currently live in Rising Sun, Indiana¬†with my wife Tiffany and our new son.

I have had a passion for any kind of consumer electronics that enrich the daily human experience since I was very little. During my years of missionary service in Spain, I developed a passion for photography and for making memories with images that live up to the memories associated with them. When I have free time, I develop ideas for photography projects, think about all the delicious new gear I would like to have (yes, new gear is so exciting to me I can almost taste it), and exciting photo-shoot ideas.

Hire me for your photo-shoot! I won’t disappoint. You may see that other people charge less for what they shoot, but I can guarantee that you will walk away with at least one “money shot” when I take your photograph. Join me on a great photographic experience!


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